waving your member(ship)

Our pet hate is the email that starts “I…” or “We…” and then carries on for 3 paragraphs to say why they are so great and what they have been up to.

So What?  What’s in this email for me, the recipient?

Here is the text from a great (bad) example I received today (***** replaces the company):

The ******* Link – April 2011

March was a really strong month for ***** Bristol and a great way to round off what has been a really encouraging first quarter – we’ve already written 40% of the new business that we wrote in the whole of last year.

Your referrals are keeping us busy and the pipeline is still looking healthy – thank you for your support.

I’d also like to thank those of you who came along to our wine tasting event on the 12th April. It was a great turn-out for a ‘school night’ and, judging by the number of thank you emails we have received, everyone had a good time. We have further events planned, so watch this space!

March was quite a month for ***** Financial Services – in fact, a record breaking one! We beat our previous best on just about every key measure, notably:

  • A new monthly record of 170 deals
  • A record breaking month for debts factored! Just under £400m
  • Advances reached a new high of £327m

In addition to these fantastic results the latest ABFA stats show some extremely positive findings in which **FS once again outstripped growth within the market in 2010.

Highlights from the ABFA Report revealed that…

  • **FS increased domestic market share from 14% to 16.7% in the space of just 12 months

In terms of factoring client numbers we have also outperformed the market. We have increased our position from 10% to 17.3% in 2010

Looking at total client numbers we have increased our market share by around 1 percentage point over the last 12 months from 8.1% to 9.2% and have almost doubled it in the past 3 years.

I hope that these results firmly demonstrate that **FS are open for business and committed to supporting small businesses in a difficult lending environment.

Are you on the plane?

A few seats on the plane to Prague have been secured but there are plenty left. This trip is not to be missed!

Just 3 deals will ensure your place!

If you’d like more information about our Prague incentive or have a client to refer to us please contact your local Regional Manager or call me directly on 07834 ******.

Feeling motivated to do anything other than reply with a big UNSUBSCRIBE?  It amazes me how many businesses are willing to put their membership at risk by sending blatant self promoting rubbish to their recipients in the belief that they care.

It comes all the way back to our first comment of “give your recipients something of value to them”.  It’s their inbox, not yours.  Ignore this at your peril!