Why marketing sometimes fails

What Robert Says

customerThere are many different reasons why your marketing might fail.  Robert Craven has identified 2 seemingly obvious and simple reasons in his best-selling book “Customer is King”. First he suggests that by focusing on the needs of the customer above the needs of the business you will have long term loyal customers. ‘If you’re going to fall in love try not to fall in love with your product. Rather, try falling in love with your customer, because then you will do all you can in your power to keep them happy, and they’ll appreciate it in the long-run’.

Secondly he identifies that we are living in a culture where everything is increasingly the same and that your business must try to be different, otherwise why should people bother to buy from you? ‘Blandness and sameness seem to have become the trademark of our time and yet it takes so little extra to make a product or service genuinely personalised or individualised.’

Applying this to Nett Sales

Nett Sales helps its clients get more customers. We work closely with our clients to create compelling campaigns using a blend of email and telephone work to ensure we pass our clients well qualified leads that they can turn into customers.

Robert’s advice helped us to help our clients to focus on their customers and potential customers rather than their own products.  So we run campaigns for our clients that help their customers – either by sharing knowledge or offering advice, hint or tips.

What does this process look like?  After sending out an email message for a client, we analyse the click through rate to gauge interest. We then call the prospects that have engaged with the message, not to sell to them or tell them how great our product/service is. We simply ask for feedback on the message they have received and ask how it is relevant to their business now. We have a conversation with the contact and listen to their response to understand their needs and wants.

Contacts that are ready for a conversation with our client are passed to the client as leads for follow up.

The concept of putting the customer’s needs before our own has been essential to helping our business grow. We build strong relationships with our clients which in turn builds a strong relationship with their customers and prospects. And of course our clients get great new customers from the campaigns – which always helps!

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