Your New LinkedIn Process

Your new ‘LinkedIn Farmer’ database build and sales process.

This LinkedIn process is tailor made and includes recommendations proven to help senior managers and directors of established companies to build their profile > build their 1st connections database and get more social media orders.

Why have we not written out a typical process?

This is the typical process and stages. But here comes a challenge for us and a no-cost offer for you and your management or sales teams…

Simply give us a call and we will detail your own specific process and give it to you.

And just to set expectations as we are often asked about this – if we do this ten times in a row, we KNOW that only one or two will want to proceed with this, but by describing a specific process for you and your business, we also know it will add value to what you are doing and you will gain from it one way or another.

And if there is some help you want from our LinkedIn Farmer team we’d be very happy to follow up with some ideas and prices.

How can you know it works?

The Nett Sales team worked out a long time ago that social media work still needs targets, key sales numbers to hit and weekly cost per lead/sale targets.

We build this forensic tracking into the heart of what we do. One LinkedIn Farmer client in the training market makes £80K – per year in orders from a £12K spend and their cost per lead rarely exceeds £25 each. A corporate finance client got 55% acceptance of new connect requests, 20% registrations for a new service and 9% annual conference pre-registration.

So, what are you targeting and what is working for you on LI?