Your New Sales Process

The Nett Sales process in action

Clients come to Nett Sales because they want more sales; more sales from existing clients and sales from new clients. Nett Sales specialises in implementing sales strategies and campaigns that give you sales insight and consistent lead generation.

These methods form a refined and repeatable sales process backed up by a simple sales system. This process is adapted to your individual requirements and used to generate business by implementing a tailored combination of targeting, database building, email marketing, LinkedIn activity and follow up telephone calls.

So if you want to improve your selling in niche or competitive markets, take a look at the Nett Sales process:

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Existing customer and prospect lists provide a starting point to any campaign. These can be supplemented with purchased lists of carefully selected contacts or lists from other sources like LinkedIn. Once you have a list of contacts, validate that they still exist and obtain permission to email them by telephone.

Nett Sales will help you to research, write, create and send a series of emails with the aim of getting contacts reading and engaging with the content and building their awareness of your business. These emails will offer advice, relevant offers, knowledge and expertise and can be shared and tracked through various media channels appropriate to your requirements.

Track the contacts that engage with material. Those that click through from an email to a link or to access content are interested in what you are talking about. The question is why are they interested?

We know when contacts are engaging with your content through email replies, email click-throughs, web views and social interaction. Once a contact’s engagement passes a defined threshold, the contact is ready for a telephone conversation. These calls will further the engagement and let you understand whether the contact currently has a requirement that you can meet.

Once a contact has a requirement and trusts you, they will be willing to buy from you. Then it’s over to you to turn the opportunity into a sale.

So if you need someone to help you develop great leads for your business or lend advice on implementing a seamless CRM to help sales fly, then get in touch. We’re recognised as market leaders in lead generation and creating great CRM systems, so you’re in safe hands.

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THE PROCESS – Existing Customers

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